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This website provides three texture databases. The Multiband Texture (MBT) database is a collection of 154 color images. Images from the MBT database have two important characteristics. First, their chromatic content—even if it is rich—does not have discriminative value, yet it contributes to form texture. Second, their textural content is characterized by high intra-band and inter-band spatial variation. These two characteristics make this database ideal for the texture analysis (intra-band and inter-band spatial interactions) of color images without the influence of color information. The Colored Brodatz Texture database (CBT) is a colored version of the original 112 Brodatz grayscale texture images. The Normalized Brodatz Texture (NBT) database was derived from the original Brodatz texture database. The spectral informative background of the grayscale Brodatz textures was removed in the NBT images. The result is a new database in which mono-band texture is the only source of discriminative information. These databases are fully documented in [1] and are available here for free download.
Katia Stankov
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[1] Safia A., He D. (2013) “New Brodatz-based Image Databases for Grayscale Color and Multiband Texture Analysis”. ISRN Machine
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[2] A. Safia, “New model for multiband texture analysis,” Sherbrooke University, 2014. [Go to the DOWNLOAD page].